Upgrade material databases

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Upgrade material databases

The installed material databases each have their own database version. You can see the version number separately on each page of the Materials dialog box.

The original data in each of the material databases is system data, and it cannot be edited. The version number relates specifically to this system data.

From time to time, new system data may become available through a main release/service pack. When this happens, your local databases will automatically be updated. This process works as follows:

  • Providing all databases can be updated automatically without user intervention, when a newly installed release/service pack is first run then the updates are applied and a message is displayed stating "updating to latest database versions". On successful completion the message closes and the program will open.


When a database version is updated this does not cause you to lose any user-defined material data you may have added to the old version, because the user-defined data is automatically copied back in to the new database.

In certain circumstances, (for example when a model is opened on another computer with a different database version), an inconsistency can arise between the material data in the model and the installed database. The inconsistencies can be identified and resolved on the Model page of the Materials dialog box, either by updating the model data, or by updating the material databases. For more details, see: Synchronize user-defined materials in models and databases

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