Fire proofing

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Fire proofing

Fire proofing is the application of fire resistance material on the surface of structural members in the form of:

  • protective paints

  • thin/thick film coating

  • sprays

  • fire boards

In Tekla Structural Designer fire proofing can be applied as a surface coat to members, defined by a thickness and density.

Note: Fire proofing can be applied to all 1D member types apart from analysis elements, DELTABEAM, and FABSEC beams.

The additional self weight of fire protection material is then added to the "Self-weight - excluding slabs" loadcase.

Note: If Calc Automatically is unselected for the "Self-weight - excluding slabs" in the Loading dialog, neither the member self weight, or the fire proofing self weight are calculated.

The extra thickness also increases the area exposed to wind if open structure wind loads are applied to the member.

Fire protection material details

Property Description
  • Exposed on three sides (Applicable for beams only)
  • Exposed on all sides
Shape Contour encasement

Hollow encasement

Thickness Thickness of fire proofing material
Density Density of fire proofing material
Selfweight Calculated self weight of fire proofing material per unit length.
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