Overview of view regimes

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Overview of view regimes

A view regime determines the functionality of the active scene view.

There are 7 view regimes are as follows:
Icon View regime Used for

Structural View

Creating the structure geometry and applying loads

Solver View

Displaying the solver models for each of the analyses that have been performed.

For more information, see: Solver models

Results View

Viewing analysis results.

For more information, see: Display analysis results in a Results View

Wind View

Viewing the wind model.

For more information, see: Modify wind zones and wind zone loads

Review View

Examining the design status or reviewing specific model properties.

For more information, see: Review models

Slab Deflections View

Viewing slab deflection analysis results.

For more information, see: Slab deflections handbook

Footfall Analysis View

Creating new, and reviewing existing footfall floor analysis models.

For more information, see: Footfall assessment handbook

Set the view regime

There are two different ways to set the view regime, either:
  • In the Status bar at the bottom of the main window, click the desired view regime button.
  • Or, right-click on the view tab and then from the context menu, select the desired view regime.
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