Design slabs and mats, run punching shear checks

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Design slabs and mats, run punching shear checks

From the Design tab on the ribbon you can batch design all concrete slabs, slab patches and run all punching shear checks. As an alternative to batch slab design, once analysis has been performed you might choose to selectively design or check selected slabs and slab patches as required. Concrete mats can be designed in a similar way, but from the Foundations tab.

Slabs and mats can only be designed once a suitable analysis has been run to generate the required design forces. Because a certain amount of user interaction is required, they are not included in the Design All or Design Concrete combined analysis and design processes.

The slab and mat foundation batch design processes are quite similar and can be broken down into the following main steps:

  1. Create slab patches over columns, beams, walls, or panels as required

  2. Design slabs/ design mats (the areas that lie outside the patches)

  3. Design patches (the areas inside the patches)

  4. Create punching shear checks as required

  5. Run punching shear checks

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