Design steel members and cast-in-place concrete beams, columns and walls

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Design steel members and cast-in-place concrete beams, columns and walls

Before commencing the design you should ensure that members have their Autodesign property set appropriately. You should then also take some time to ensure Design settings are set as required.

If working to the US regional code you should be aware of additional considerations in relation to The Direct Analysis Method.

Having set the properties and settings as required you can then proceed to rapidly assess all steel members and/or concrete members/walls in your model from the Design tab by running a combined analysis and member design. The necessary analysis is automatically performed as part of the batch design process.

Alternatively, you may prefer to concentrate on the design of specific members only. To do this you would first run an analysis (e.g. Analyze All (Static) or 3D only (Static)) to generate an appropriate set of design forces, after which you could then selectively check, or selectively design just those members you are interested in.

If working to either the Eurocode, US, or India regional code, you may also want to introduce more/less conservatism to the design process by specifying user defined utilization ratios.

Additional requirements may be necessary if designing members and walls for the results of a seismic analysis. For further details, see Seismic design methods in the Seismic analysis and design handbook

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