New Quick Access window

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

New Quick Access window

New in Tekla Structural Designer 2022, the Quick Access Window is an exciting productivity feature which can be used to quickly search for and access/activate any of; File menu and Ribbon commands; View actions; Settings; Entity properties.

A demonstration is provided in this video topic, but briefly its operation is as follows:

  • Press the keyboard Ctrl+Q keys to open the Quick Access Window - it can then be moved and docked etc just like Scene Content Window for example.

    • Ctrl+Q is the only way to open this window currently.
  • To find an action/ command, just start typing in the search box at the top of the window. As you type, the top 10 matching actions are listed. Click “Show all matching actions” at the bottom of the window - or press the keyboard Ctrl+M keys - to see all matches.

    • Use the keyboard Up/ Down keys to navigate through the list, then press the Enter key to select and activate your chosen action/ command.

  • When the search box is empty, the last 10 actions are listed giving rapid and convenient access to the actions/ commands you have been using recently.
  • Typical actions that can be listed are:
    • File menu and ribbon commands
    • Entity properties (entity selected first)
    • View actions
    • Open and orientate views
    • Scene content settings
    • Global/Model Settings
  • File Menu and ribbon commands - not yet active actions are indicated with “✔”. When an action is selected and active it will no longer be listed..

  • Following are just some of the ways you can use the new Quick Access Window to quickly and efficiently access actions and make edits:

    • Properties of Selected Entity - to edit the properties of entities do the following; select one or more entities, search for and select the property in the Quick Access Window - it will then be selected in the Properties Window. Then do the following depending on the property settings:

      • Property values - type in new values.

      • Drop lists - press the keyboard space bar to open the list, use the up/ down keys to navigate it and hit Enter to select the desired value.

      • Checkboxes - double-press the keyboard space bar to toggle the checkbox from the current on/ off setting.

  • Scene Content - type “scene..” in the search box and Scene Content settings will be listed. You can type another following term such as ‘beam’ to narrow the settings to a particular type of entity. Then navigate to and select your chosen scene content setting to hide the associated entities in the scene. As you repeat this process, the current search list will be sorted by the most recently accessed scene content settings. As shown in the picture below a “✔” symbol indicates the scene content setting will be switched ON when it is selected (i.e. the entity type is currently hidden) - while a “✖” symbol indicates the scene content setting will be switched off if selected (i.e. the entity is currently displayed).

  • Opening, Activating & Navigating Views - you can quickly search for and open views, for example Level views by entering the search term “open st” or Frame views with the term “open frm” as shown in the picture below - just navigate to a listed view and Enter to select and open it.

    • You can also list currently open views using the “activate” search term, then select any of the listed views to activate it. Add “st.” to the search term to prioritize level views in the list or “frm” for frame views etc.

    • Use “Set” (TOP/FRONT/LEFT etc) to list and select from the viewcube orientation options.

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