Display check line results

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Display check line results

Once a slab deflection analysis has been performed, the Check Line results are available for display in the Slab Deflections View regime.

Display deflections along all check lines

From the Slab Deflection ribbon Check Lines group click Deflections

The deflected shape of each check line and an accompanying legend is displayed in the current view.

For clarity you may want to switch off other results to obtain a clearer view.

Display detailed deflections and average slopes along an individual check Line

  1. Right click on the check line you want to view and select Open deflections check view from the context menu that is displayed.
  2. On the ribbon, select the Result Type and the Event from the Loading Analysis tab.

    The deflections and average slopes are displayed in a deflections view.

Display check line status and utilization

Every check line can have up to six different deflection checks assigned to it for different events. Every check line will therefore have a Pass/Fail status and a critical Utilization ratio

Once check lines are set up and any re-analysis is undertaken i.e. due to optimization of a slab design, adding reinforcement etc. then the check lines are automatically re-checked so you will obtain instant feedback on status and utilization.

To view check line status or utilization:

From the Slab Deflection ribbon Check Lines group
  • Click Status
  • Click Utilization

Color codes are used to graphically display the status or utilization of each Check Line.

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