2021 SP1: New overall wind drift check - all head codes

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

2021 SP1: New overall wind drift check - all head codes

In line with customer requests, a new Overall Wind Drift check option is added in this release. This checks the maximum deflection at the top of the structure relative to its total height against a specified limit. When activated, the check is fully automated and is carried out/ updated when any of the following processes are run; Analyze > Analyze All (Static) or 3D Only (Static); any of the Design Steel/ Concrete/ All (Static) options of the Analysis & Design groups of the Design Ribbon.

  • The check is enabled by a new “Check for Overall Wind Drift” option in the “Sway & Drift Checks” Design Settings, as shown in the picture below. When this is enabled, the desired drift limit value can be entered (default 500). By default this new setting is enabled for new models but not for existing models.
  • Key aspects of the check undertaken are as follows:

    • When the “Check for Resultant Wind Drift” option is enabled, a single maximum resultant deflection value is checked, otherwise the deflection values in Dir1 and Dir2 are considered separately and the maximum of these is checked.

    • The height of the structure considered by the check is the distance between highest and lowest levels with the “Check for drift” level setting enabled.

  • Check Results - The results of the check are reported in the “Design” group of the Status tree under the heading “Overall Wind Drift” as shown in the picture below. This reports; the governing deflection value, the combination it occurs for and the node it occurs at.

    • You can double click the message to locate and highlight the node in the Solver View.

    • You can also right click over the message and select the “Details” option from the resulting context menu to see full details of the check, as shown below.

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