New Fireproofing

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

New Fireproofing

Fireproofing is the application of fire resistant insulation material to the surface of structural members (as illustrated in the picture below) in the form of; protective paints, thin/thick film coating sprays, fire boards etc. Tekla Structural Designer 2021 adds the facility to apply such fireproofing to all 1D members of the model with the definition of its distribution, thickness and density. The fireproofing increases both the weight and surface area of members. The additional member self-weight is automatically calculated, reported and included in the analysis, and the resulting enlarged surface of the member is also considered by the new Open Structure Wind Loading.

For the Eurocode Head Code, the fire resistance check settings are now incorporated into those for Fireproofing - for more about the fire resistance check see this Help Topic and the release note Steel Design - New Fire Resistance Check to Eurocode EN 1993-1-2, Cl 4.2.4 - All NA’s.
  • A new Fire proofing Property settings group is added as shown below left. For members with fireproofing applied, enable the “Protected” option and you can then specify all the required fireproofing details of; Shape (Contour or Hollow encasement as illustrated below right - Contour on the left and Hollow the right), thickness and density. The new properties are available for all 1D member types/ materials (with the exception of; analysis elements, DELTABEAM and FABSEC Beams)

    • For the Eurocode and steel beams, if you also enable the fire resistance check - which is optional - you can also set the Thermal conductivity and Specific heat values used by this.

    • Note that the calculated additional self weight is displayed at the bottom of the new properties. This updates automatically to reflect changes to the section size and/ or fireproofing values.

  • Review View - a new “Fire proofing” Attribute is added to the Review View > Show/Alter State options, enabling rapid graphical review and editing of the Fire proofing and resistance check settings.

    • Review Mode - in this mode you can see a color-coded view + legend showing the distribution of fireproofing and fire resistance check settings throughout the model, as shown in the picture below.
    • Toggle/ Set On/Off Modes - using these you can quickly Toggle On/Off either fire protection or the fire resistance check using the mouse for single or multiple entities. In Set On mode for “check for fire resistance” you can set on the check and optionally set the exposure level (all sides or 3 sides) while for “Protected” you have options to specify all the protection properties of; shape, thickness and density.
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