User-defined attribute settings

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

User-defined attribute settings

The User Defined Attributes page allows you to control the attributes that are available

  • in the current project - when accessed by clicking Home > Model Settings
  • in new projects - when accessed by clicking Home > Settings

You can add new attribute definitions, delete them, set a type for each attribute, and adjust the acceptable values.

Item Description


Displays and allows you to modify the name of the attribute that will be displayed in the UDA section of the Properties window.

Type list

Allows you to specify a type for the option. The options are text, number, and file.

Source list

Allows you to restrict the allowable input of the attribute, if necessary. The two options are:
  • Custom Value: Does not restrict the allowable input.
  • Value List: Restricts the allowable input for an attribute to a pre-set list.


Allows you to specify the allowable attribute values when the source is set to Value List.


This setting has no effect if all levels in the model are unique.

If the model contains existing duplicate levels it works as follows:

  • for UDAs that are linked, a single UDA value is assigned to the entity on the source and the duplicate level.
  • for UDAs that are not linked, a different UDA value can be assigned to an entity on a duplicate level.
Note: In the Construction Levels dialog, when a level is first set to be duplicate of a source level:
  • initially UDA values from the source level are copied to the duplicate regardless of the Linked setting
  • only from that point on does the linked/not linked functionality apply.
    • i.e. when set to not linked, the UDA at each level becomes independently editable.


Creates a blank row that allows you to define a new attribute.


Deletes the currently selected attribute from the table.

Move Up

Move the currently selected attributes up or down in the table and in the Properties window.

Move Down

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