Slab Deflection Check Catalogue

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Slab Deflection Check Catalogue

The Slab Deflection Check Catalogue is used to define the deflection checks that are applied to check lines.


On the Slab Deflection tab, click Deflection Checks.


Each deflection check has a unique name and can either be defined as a total or instantaneous check for a specific event, or a differential check between load events. A deflection limit is set and you can specify if the check is to be applied to each new check line as it is defined.

Field or button Description


Allows you to modify the check name.


Allows you to select the deflection check type, see Display slab deflection analysis results .

Start Event

Allows you to select the start event for a differential check.


Allows you to select the event to which the check applies.

Deflection Limit

Allows you to specify the deflection check limit.

Use in new Check Lines

Check the box only to be automatically apply the check to new check lines as they are created.


Allows you to add a new row in the table for defining a new check.


Removes the selected check from the table.
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