Limitations (concrete members: ACI 318)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Limitations (concrete members: ACI 318)

The following general exclusions apply in Tekla Structural Designer when working to ACI 318..
  • The current release will not:
    • design members in lightweight concrete
    • design members with coated reinforcement
    • design members with stainless steel
    • design prestressed concrete
    • Consider fire resistance [you are however given full control of the minimum cover dimension to the reinforcement and are therefore able to take due account of fire resistance requirements],
    • design structures subject to very aggressive exposure
    • design watertight structures
    • design multi-stack reinforcement lifts for columns/walls
    • design beams with reinforcement made up of bundled bars
    • design beams for axial load
    • design beams for minor axis bending and shear
    • design beams as “deep beams” - beams classified as “deep” are designed as if they are regular beams and a warning is displayed.
      Note: Deep beams according to ACI 318 are:

      (a) Members with clear spans equal to or less than 4 times overall member depth

      (b) Members with concentrated loads within twice the member depth from the support

  • Material limitations for concrete:
    • for structural concrete compressive strength of concrete fc' shall not be less than 17 MPa (2500psi)
    • durability requirements are not implemented
  • Material limitations for reinforcement:
    • the values of specified yield strength of reinforcement; fy and fyt used in calculations shall not exceed 550 MPa (80000psi)
    • specified yield strength of non-prestressed reinforcement; fy and fyt shall not exceed 420 MPa (60 000 psi) in design of shear or torsion reinforcement
    • wire reinforcement design is not implemented
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