Limitations (concrete beam: EC2)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Limitations (concrete beam: EC2)

The following general exclusions apply:

  • Seismic design,
  • Consideration of fire resistance. [You are however given full control of the minimum cover dimension to the reinforcement and are therefore able to take due account of fire resistance requirements.]
  • Openings in the beam web.
  • Bundled bars.
  • Design for minor axis bending and shear.
  • Design for axial forces.

In addition, for beams classified as "deep beams":

  • all beams with a ratio of 1.5 < span/overall depth ≤ 3.0 are designed but with an appropriate Warning
  • beams with a ratio of span/overall depth ≤ 1.5 are Beyond Scope
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