Design code settings

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Design code settings

The Design Codes page allows you to specify the head code and the subsequent design codes that are applied

  • in the current project - when accessed by clicking Home > Model Settings
  • in new projects - when accessed by clicking Home > Settings
Item Description

Select the head code list

Allows you to select the head code that you want to apply. When you select a head code in the list, the Design Codes table automatically updates.


If you change the head code in an existing project, the following will occur in the model:

  • Some materials, steel sections, design section orders, studs, decks and reinforcement may require re-selecting in the model to make them consistent with the new head code/unit system.
  • Wind loading (if any) and wall/roof panel properties will be deleted. The wind wizard will need rerunning, wall/roof panel properties need resetting and the wind loadcases will need recreating.
  • Seismic loading (if any) will be deleted. The seismic wizard will need re-running.
  • Snow loading (if any) will be deleted. The snow wizard will need re-running.
  • All combinations will be deleted.

Design Codes table

Displays the available action codes and resistance codes, which are dependent on the selected head code. The lists within the Design Codes table can be used to select between available alternatives.

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