Angle and tee limitations (BS 5950)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Angle and tee limitations (BS 5950)

In the current version when designing tees, single, and double angles to BS 5950, the following checks remain beyond scope:

Tee Angle Double Angle
Classification ok ok ok
Axial tension ok ok ok
Axial compression ok ok ok
Shear ok ok ok
Bending ok ok ok
Combined strength ok ok ok
LTB ok ok Beyond scope
Combined buckling ok ok Beyond scope
Deflection ok ok ok

In addition, the following limitations apply:

  • All sections are assumed to be effectively loaded through the shear centre such that no additional torsion moments are developed. In addition no direct allowance is made for 'destabilizing loads'.
  • Design excludes bending of the outstand leg of double angles loaded eccentrically e.g. supporting masonry.
  • Conditions of restraint can be defined as top and bottom flange for lateral torsional buckling. It is upon these that the buckling checks are based. For the current release intermediate LTB restraints are omitted (i.e. only fully restrained for LTB, or unrestrained).
  • Double angles and tee sections subject to moment with high shear are beyond scope.
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