Wall Panel Properties

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Wall Panel Properties

Use the Wall Panel properties to view or modify the properties of a wall panel.

The Wall Panel command is used to create a wall panel. Once created, the panel properties can then be viewed or modified in the Properties Window:

Property Description
Plane Describes the plane in which the panel was placed.
Rotation angle Describes the panel span direction as an angle, 0° is horizontal and 90° is vertical.

See: Rotation angle for slab items and panels and Modify slab/panel span direction

Is a parapet wall

Check to indicate the panel is to be treated as a parapet in the wind analysis.

See: Parapet wall panel load decomposition

Ignore local moments from lareral loading

This option is omly available when the “Is a parapet wall” setting is selected. When checked, only a lateral point load is applied to the top of a supporting column.

See: Parapet wall panel load decomposition

Gap Where the funneling gap to the adjacent building is not consistent due to the shapes of the buildings it is up to you to decide whether to specify the average or worst-case gap. The default gap is 1000 m which effectively give no funneling. A zero gap value explicitly means ignore funneling, for example where this building and the adjacent one are sheltered by upwind buildings.
Solidity If you indicate that the wall panel is a parapet, then you also need to indicate the Solidity of the parapet. (Walls that are not parapets automatically adopt a solidarity of 1.0).
Status Indicates whether the panel is valid or not.
Decompose to

Loads can be set to be decomposed to:

  • Members
  • Nodes (Default)
  • Rigid Diaphragms
Note: The decompose to nodes option only applies to those loads generated by the wind wizard. It does not apply to those loads applied directly to panels.

[+] UDA A customizable list of the attributes that can be applied to individual members and panels.

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