Solver element 2D properties

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Solver element 2D properties

When in a Solver View, solver element 2D properties are displayed in the Properties Window as shown below. None of these properties can be directly edited in the Solver View.

Property Description
Type The 2D element type will be Shell or Semi-rigid depending on the Slab Type, Decomposition and Diaphragm Options that have been set.

The 2D element thickness is derived from a different property depending on the slab type:

• Composite Slab; Precast Slab; Slab on Beams; Flat Slab - Overall Depth

• Steel Deck; Timber Deck - Thickness

Orientation The 2D element orientation in the solver model follows the rotation angle defined for the slab item to which it belongs.

This property applies to semi-rigid elements only.

It adjusts the stiffness determined from the material properties in order to control semi-rigid diaphragm flexibility.

CrackedOption yes/no
Node 1, Node 2, Node 3 The node numbers associated with this element.
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