Create column drops

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Create column drops

In order to increase punching resistance, you can insert drop panels, or column drops, within concrete slabs at points where they are supported by columns. Column drops are slab thickenings that can be positioned above the slab, below the slab, or both. Column drops are rectangular in plan, and aligned to the column axes. Column drops are always positioned centrally over the supporting column.

The extent of the column drop is limited by the extent of the slab boundary. The cut back drop shape may not be rectangular.

Note: In order to define a slab drop you must have already defined the concrete slab to which it applies.
  1. On the Model tab, click the arrow on the top right corner of the Slabs group.
  2. In the list that appears, select Column Drop.

    The column drop properties are viewed in the Properties window.

  3. If necessary, in the Properties window, modify the properties of the column drop.
  4. Click an existing column connected to a concrete slab panel to create a single column drop, or drag a box around multiple columns to create a series of column drops.
    Note: To insert the column drop correctly, ensure that the type of the construction level containing the slab is S.S.L., not T.O.S.
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