Wind wizard workflow for open structures

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Wind wizard workflow for open structures

The basic steps required to apply the wind wizard to open structures are as follows:

Note: Application of the wind wizard to open structures is not currently available for the British Standard BS 6399-2, or Australian AS:1170.2 wind code variants.

Select members to have open structure wind load applied

The first step is to confirm the Apply open structure wind load property is set as required for those structural members, ancillaries, and equipment to which the loads are to be applied. (By default this property is off for structural members, but on for ancillaries and equipment.)

It can be toggled on and off directly in the properties window as above, or it can be set graphically via Show/Alter State > Wind Loading.

For members and ancillaries, when it set on, additional properties become available, allowing the shape factor and effective area factors used in the wind load calculation to be customized.

For members only, each of these properties can be set for all stacks/spans, or individual stacks/spans.

Run the wind wizard

Having selected the members to have open structure wind loads applied, the next step is to run the Wind Wizard.

On the first page of the wizard you must select the Apply Open Structure Wind Load option.
Note: The above option is only available if at least one entity has been selected to have open structure wind load applied.

Step-through the remaining pages of the wizard to generate wind model.

The wizard uses databases where appropriate (depending on the wind code) to determine the appropriate wind details for your structure location.

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Define the wind loadcases

The Wind Loadcases dialog can then be used to define the loadcase information for the directions you require.

Note: If you have a totally open structure without any wall or roof panels the Cpi values are immaterial and can be set to 0.0.

Once the loadcases have been defined, wind loads are automatically calculated for those entities selected to have open structure wind load.

Note: It is assumed that the wind loads are developed to assess the overall stability of the structure and for member design. The wind loads have not been specifically developed for the design of cladding and fixings.

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Review wind loads

The open structure wind loads on members, ancillaries and equipment can be reviewed by opening a wind view for the required direction from the Project Workspace Wind tab and selecting the required loadcase.

Hovering the cursor over an entity displays wind loading information in the Select Entity tooltip. The shape factor, wind pressure and wind force are all listed.
For members, the same information is displayed by hovering over the required stack/span.

Perform the static design

Run a static design from the Design tab.

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