Apply seismic loading

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Apply seismic loading

The seismic wizard is used to define all the parameters required to set up the seismic loadcases and combinations, as outlined below.

Select the seismic loading code

By default the action code for seismic loading is already set to match the head code that is being worked to, but you can choose to generate seismic loads to a different action code if required.

If you change the action code for seismic loading so that it does not match relevant head code, you as the user need to be absolutely dear as to the implications of making this change - loading codes and design codes are developed with balanced hidden and exposed safety factors. You must fully understand the implications of running a mismatched loading and design code if you make this change.

  • Generated seismic loads are based on the selected Seismic Loading Action Code.

  • Generated seismic load combinations are based on the Combinations action code (which is determined by the model head code).

    • Thus no seismic combinations will be created by the Combination Generator for head codes the action code of which does not consider seismic loading, such as British Standards. In such cases the engineer must manually create seismic combinations.

  • Seismic Drift checks are based on the selected Seismic Loading action code (NOT the Model head code).

  • Conventional static design of members (to the selected Resistance codes) will be performed for the results of the seismic combinations.

  • However, for head codes that feature specific seismic member design checks for members of Seismic Force Resisting Systems - such as the USA head code and seismic checks to AISC 341 and the seismic provisions of ACI 318 - these checks will NOT be performed in the case of mismatched seismic loading and head code.

  1. On the Home tab, click Model Settings.

    The Settings dialog box opens.

  2. Go to Design Codes.
  3. On the Action Codes tab, select the Seismic Loading code as required.
    Restriction: The seismic wizard is not currently available for the Australian AS:1170.4 loading code variant.
  4. Click OK.

Create seismic loads in the seismic wizard

  1. On the Load tab, click Seismic Load > Seismic Wizard...

    The Seismic Wizard opens.

    Note: The parameters in the Seismic Wizard vary according to the loading code that you have selected in Model Settings.
  2. In the Seismic Wizard, define the necessary parameters for the seismic loading and loadcases. To go to the next page, click Next.
  3. Once you have defined the parameters, click Finish.

    The Combination Generator dialog box opens.

  4. In the Combination Generator dialog box, define the seismic load combinations.
  5. Click Finish.

Display the horizontal design spectrum

After running the Seismic Wizard, you can view the horizontal design spectrum.

  1. On the Load tab, click Seismic Load > Horizontal Spectrum.
  2. If necessary, in the Properties window, you can switch Direction between Dir 1 and Dir 2.
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