Find (command)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Find (command)

Find and then select objects in the model by typing a part of their name.

Setting Description
Find In the Find box you can type any of the following, in whole, or in part:
  • An object 'Type'
  • An object 'Name'
  • An object 'Index'

As you type, any objects that match the criteria are listed in the table below.

When the object(s) that you require are shown, click to highlight them as follows:
  • Single click to highlight a single object
  • Ctrl+click to select multiple non-sequential rows
  • Shift+click to select multiple sequential rows

Once the object(s) are highlighted, Select becomes available.

Click Select to zoom in and locate the object in the active view.

If the object doesn't exist in the active view a new view containing the object will become active.

Ghost unselected When clicking Select, it can be easy for the object being located to be obscured from view by other objects. By leaving Ghost unselected checked this is avoided as all objects, other than those being found are made semi-transparent.
Cutting plane Having clicked Select if you want to make the located object yet easier to see, you can check the Cutting plane option. This automatically applies a cutting plane perpendicular to the current point of view which removes everything in the foreground of the object(s) that have been located.

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