How to manage scene views, view regimes and scene content

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

How to manage scene views, view regimes and scene content

Scene views

A scene view displays the model or a part of it in a tabbed window. It might display: the entire structure, a sub structure, or an individual member in 3D; a specific level, frame, or plane in 2D. A separate load analysis view is also available for displaying force and moment diagrams for individual members.

Click the following links to learn how to manage and manipulate scene views:

View regimes

For each scene view, you should select a view regime from the Status bar appropriate to the task being performed:

Icon View regime Used for

Structural View

Creating the structure geometry and applying loads

Solver View

Displaying the analysis model

Results View

Viewing analysis results

Wind View

Viewing the wind model

Review View

Examining the design status or reviewing specific model properties

Slab Deflections View

Viewing slab deflection analysis results

Click the following link to learn how to switch between view regimes:

Scene content

You control the level of information displayed in each scene view by switching items on/off in the Scene Content dialog.

Click the following links to find out more about scene content:

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