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Material List Enhancements

In Tekla Structural Designer 2020 SP6, as a key part of the development work for the recent and ongoing Carbon Impact features (for more information on this see the Help Topic Measuring the carbon impact of a structure), the Material List data tables are significantly enhanced, both for the Review View > Tabular Data and the associated Report item. Having the material content of the model in more detail allows the engineer to more readily assess many aspects of design, including efficient material usage and thus Carbon Impact. For more information on the enhancements, see the new Help Topic Review material list tabular results and its subtopics.

  • Reports Levels - A key enhancement is that there are now two levels of Material List tables - Summary Only and Detailed - where previously there was just one level. See the pictures below showing the difference this makes for concrete beams for example. The new available levels are:

    • Summary Only - this is the default level and is a new very condensed report, giving only the total quantities for each section size for beams/ columns for example.

    • Detailed (“Summary Only” Ribbon button disabled) - the tables for concrete beams / columns / walls now give quantities for each span/ stack/ panel, making them much more detailed than previously. Additionally, the tables for beams and columns now include the detailing group reference.

  • Export to Excel - note that all the new/ enhanced Material List tables can be exported to an Excel file directly from Review View > Tabular Data for further sharing/ further processing, just as for all other tables.

  • Reports - the enhancements detailed here also apply to the associated Material List Report item. By default the Materials Listing report will also give the Summary level. A new Setting “Show summary only” is added to control the Report level as shown in the picture below - set this Off to produce a Detailed level report.

  • Reinforced concrete members - new Reinforcement quantities - the tables for both levels also now include new columns for reinforcement quantities* giving the total weight (e.g. kg) and weight/ unit volume (e.g. kg/m3). This applies to all of the following concrete elements; Beams, Columns, Wall, Slabs, Pad/Strip bases and Pile Caps. Note the following:

    • *In general reinforcement quantities are given only for cast-in-place (CIP) fabrication. An exception to this is slabs, for which reinforcement can be specified for example for precast concrete planks (with topping) - such reinforcement will also be included in the material list table for these.

    • For concrete beams and columns, at the Detailed level every span/stack is listed separately (or when group design is active this reduces to every group span/stack)

      • For beams, reinforcement running between spans is shared.

      • There is no additional detailing weight allowance (as previously)

    • Concrete Slabs - the Detailed table for concrete slabs also includes additional columns giving quantity values for; slab reinforcement, punching shear reinforcement, total reinforcement (slab + punching) as well as the total reinforcement weight and weight/ unit volume. Note the following:

      • The calculation of overall reinforcement quantities is as previously - a user defined additional detailing allowance is still added (specified in Design Settings > Concrete > CIP > Slab > General Parameters).

      • Punching shear reinforcement - this gives an approx weight for punching shear rails (based on ACI guidance)

      • Some approximation also results from slab patch and punching reinforcement - this is shared equally between slab items patches/ punching checks touch, not apportioned by covered areas.

  • Other notable aspects of the enhancements are:

  • The table order can now be sorted by any column by clicking the column header. Additionally, a new arrow symbol adjacent to the header text indicates the sort order; ▲indicating ascending and ▼ descending order.

  • In a similar manner to the Review View > Design Summary table, you can now double click on a row in the active table to locate the entity - or entities - it references in the 3D View of the model. Together with the sort facility discussed above, this makes it very easy for example to locate elements with a high reinforcement weight/ unit volume, that the engineer may wish to focus on.

  • Composite beams - as shown in the picture below, the table now gives Transverse Shear Reinforcement quantities both in terms of size/spacing and weight (calculation of the weight value follows guidance taken from SCI publication AD 437).

  • Slabs:

    • Composite - the table now includes decking and reinforcement details. The reported mass value is also corrected to account for the profiled steel decking section where previously it was for a solid rectangular section and so was an overestimate.

    • Precast (concrete planks) - the following enhancements are made:

      • Manufacturer and reference (e.g. Bison Hollow Core) and reinforcement information is added to the table.

      • Reinforcement data is calculated on the same basis as in concrete slabs (which allows for laps at slab item boundary and user defined detailing allowance). To see more reinforcement detail, you can set the Ribbon Content button = “loose bars” or “mesh”.
        Note: The Detailing allowance specified in design settings for CIP slabs applies to all rebar defined in any slab type.
      • The reported concrete volume is corrected so it relates only to the topping (if it is specified at all).

    • Timber/ General Deck - there is now much more detailed reporting than previously giving; Level, thickness, material grade, and in the Detailed table each slab item reference.

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