New Lateral Force Resisting System Wall Type - Shear Only Walls

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New Lateral Force Resisting System Wall Type - Shear Only Walls

A new type of Wall is available in this release for modeling for example a lateral system of infill masonry panels. Typically engineers wish to model these with only in-plane lateral stiffness of a defined value, and zero vertical and out of plane stiffness. The new wall object automatically models this idealized behavior with a sophisticated underlying analysis model involving axial spring and link elements (new and enhanced in this release). The new wall type can be used in models with both rigid and semi-rigid diaphragms. For more information see the new Help Topic on this feature How shear only walls are represented in solver models.

Note: Shear Only walls were originally included in the first 2020 release but due to the issue described in Product Bulletin PBTSD-2005-2 they were removed in the 2020 SP2 release (version May 2020). Full details about them are therefore included in these release notes.
  • Shear Only Walls are added via a new button command on the Model Ribbon in the “Walls & Loading Objects” group as shown below. A single wall object of the full building height can be placed within a bay and will automatically be divided into panels for each level.

    • The requirements for Shear Only walls are that they must be; within a single bay (i.e. do not overlap one or more columns); strictly rectangular; vertical and surrounded by columns and beams (other than at the bottom edge).

  • For existing walls, the Wall Type can also be reviewed and edited via the Properties Window as shown in the picture below.

  • The material and thickness of the wall can be set, but note that these control only the wall self weight, not its stiffness. The latter is specified directly by the engineer.

  • Results - Shear Only wall results are available both graphically and numerically and give the total value of shear in each panel of the wall and the reaction at the wall base. These can be reviewed:
    • In the Results View via 1D Results > Shear Wall Forces (in 1D Results group) for the panel forces and the base reactions via Reactions (Fy controlled by the [2D] reactions toggle button).

    • in Analyze > Tabular Data > Shear Only Walls and in Reports via the associated Report item.

    • The expected vertical (Fz) push-pull overturning reactions can also be viewed using the 1D reactions option.

  • The new shear only wall object is included in the Integrator and CXL file.

  • For Tekla Structural Designer Revit, a new TSDI_Type object tag “SHEAR_ONLY” is included in the CXL file and written to the Revit model for all exported Shear Only wall objects as shown in the picture below.

    • Note that the Revit Name for the wall Material Grade must be manually selected on import into Revit (this selection can then be saved in the Mapping file).

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