Concrete Design - Pile Punching Checks on Mat Foundations - Eurocode and US Head Codes

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Concrete Design - Pile Punching Checks on Mat Foundations - Eurocode and US Head Codes

The scope of mat foundation slab design is now expanded to including pile punching checks for the Eurocode and US Head Codes.
  • The process of creating, designing and reporting punching checks of piles is essentially the same as that for columns:

    • The punching check object can be created in both 2D and 3D views - both by selecting individual piles and by drawing a selecting line/ window to create checks for multiple piles in a single operation. Just as for columns, the check location and tension reinforcement surface are automatically set.

    • Pile punching check is independent of mat foundation design.

    • All punching checks can be designed via the “Design Punching Shear” button in the Punching Shear group of the Foundations tab of the ribbon. Design details of individual checks can also be opened via the context menu as shown in the picture below.

  • Key aspects of the check performed are:

    • Punching shear resistance is assumed to be provided by the concrete alone - there is no option to add specific punching shear reinforcement in the form of studs and rails (as there is for column punching checks, including those supported by mats).

    • The check considers 3D Building Analysis, FE Chase-Down and Grillage Chase-Down results for all active gravity, wind, seismic and RSA load combinations.

    • The check considers only a single pile - not a pair - and only vertical shear not moment (as piles are modeled a pinned spring supports without moment fixity).

    • Just as for punching checks of columns supported by piled mats, all loading and reactions (from ground bearing springs) within the punching perimeter are considered.

    • There is an additional new pile-specific Design setting to use the pile capacity in the punching check in Design Settings > Concrete > Cast-in-place > Foundations > Mat Foundations > Piles as shown below (default Off).

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