Enhanced Grasshopper Live Link - Design Results and Reporting

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Enhanced Grasshopper Live Link - Design Results and Reporting

The Grasshopper - Tekla Structural Designer Live Link (GH-TSD) is enhanced with new Design and Reporting components to extend the Optioneering & Optimization workflows. For more information about the Grasshopper link see the TUA article Grasshopper -Tekla Structural Designer Live Link (GH-TSD)
  • To investigate different design configurations using the new components you can now:

    • Generate several configurations of a structure, in different materials or with different geometry

    • Run design for each configuration

    • Determine if that configuration is a passing design (and the URs for each beam plus for example average/max/min UR)

    • Measure the ‘cost’ of that configuration using material quantities

    • Calculate the efficiency of each design configuration

    • Find the best design configuration using automation

  • Design - the following three new design components are added and are available from the Design group of the ribbon as shown below:

    • Run design - allows the use to run design for the model (provided by the model component) with the following options; Subject - Steel, Concrete or All; Type - Gravity or Static (no RSA)

    • Member & Wall Design Results:

      • Member Design Results - reports Design Status & Utilization Ratio for a member or list of members. Results are available by whole member and for all spans/stacks within that member (see picture below illustrating this).

      • Wall Design Results - reports the same data for Walls - again per whole wall or per wall panel.

  • Reporting - two new components are added to report steel and concrete material quantities in a new “Review” ribbon Group. These can report in Grasshopper quantities from the Tekla Structural Designer materials list such as; number of objects, mass, surface area, volume and rebar mass (concrete models).

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