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Tekla Structural Designer
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New Trimble Connect Integration Link

Furthering our drive towards a Connected World, the new Trimble Connect Link in the Tekla Structural Designer 2020 release allows easy collaboration between project stakeholders, making sharing of Tekla Structural Designer model information as easy as possible. The link is accessed via Trimble Connect command on the new dedicated BIM Integration Ribbon, as shown in the picture below. You can then browse your Trimble Connect Projects, create new folders in them and send Tekla Structural Designer model data to them.

  • Note that in order to use the link you must have a Trimble Connect license and be signed in to your Tekla Online Account (using your Trimble Identity credentials).

  • Selecting the main “Trimble Connect” option opens the new dedicated Trimble Connect Window, which is docked to the right of the main window by default. Your Trimble Connect projects will then be listed in the Window.

    • The Trimble Connect button has additional options to launch either “Trimble Connect Web” (in your default browser) or “Trimble Connect Desktop” if you have this installed.

  • Once your Trimble Connect projects are listed you can then click the link icon adjacent to a project to open and browse it. Options to create and rename folders within the project are then available from the right-click context menu for the Window.

  • To add the open Tekla Structural Designer model to Trimble Connect, select the context menu “Upload new IFC file” command which launches the IFC Export dialog. When this is completed the IFC file will automatically be added to the project.

    • Once added, the IFC file can then be opened in Trimble Connect (both Web and Desktop) from the context menu options. To accommodate model changes, the IFC can also be updated using the context menu option “Upload new version of IFC” as shown in the picture below,

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