New Precast Concrete Member modeling and design via Tekla Tedds 2020 Integration

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New Precast Concrete Member modeling and design via Tekla Tedds 2020 Integration

In an exciting development, in Tekla Structural Designer 2020 integration with Tekla Tedds has been thoroughly enhanced to allow the efficient design of precast concrete beams and columns using the new in Tedds 2020 precast concrete member design calculations.

See the feature in action in this video.

Note: Use of this feature requires an installation of and license for Tekla Tedds 2020.

The workflow fully supports multiple analysis and design loops and even Design Groups (when these are enabled, which is the default), just as for in-situ concrete design within Tekla Structural Designer.

Key aspects of the new integrated design process and workflow are:

  • The “Fabrication” property of precast beams and columns is first set to “Precast” to enable the new dedicated precast settings and integrated Tedds design for the members. A dedicated ‘Precast’ option is also added to the drop list options for the Concrete Column, Beam and Wall buttons of the Model Ribbon as shown below.

  • The engineer should also decide at an early stage if they wish to use Design Groups and enable/ disable these accordingly via Design > Settings > Design Groups for Concrete Beams and/ or Columns.

  • New beam section shapes are added in Tekla Structural Designer for precast concrete beams to match the section options in the Tedds calculation; L-section, T-section and inverted options of both these.

    • For precast concrete beams, multiple design sections are populated in the Tedds calculation as required. These are determined by the Design settings for Precast beams which specify the bar patterns and regions as shown below.

    • There are also reinforcement and general settings for precast concrete columns which control initial values set in the Tedds calculation.

  • The design link can be run for individual members in the model via the right-click member context menu > “Design using Tekla Tedds” with options to perform the design for the selected Member or its Design Group (when Design Groups for concrete members are enabled). Design parameters such as concrete grade, section size and design forces are automatically populated from the model to the Tedds calculation. Additional parameters not defined in the model can be fully reviewed and set as required in the Tedds calculation interface. The member can then be fully and interactively designed in the Tedds calculation

    • With Design Groups disabled, Design > Member designs only the individual selected member for its specific design forces.

      • For continuous beams and columns composed of multiple spans/ stacks, the view will automatically zoom to and highlight the span/stack currently being considered for design.

    • With Design Groups enabled, the process is as follows for each option:

      • Design > Member; the Tedds calculation is populated with the design forces of the selected member. When the calculation dialog is finished, all the design settings made - such as number and size of reinforcement bars and links etc - are copied to all members of the group which are then checked for their individual design forces.

      • Design > Group; the Tedds calculation is populated with the worst-case design forces of the group as a whole. When the calculation dialog is finished, the further process is the same as for Design > Member.

  • Once the design is completed and the Tedds calculation dialog is finished, ALL of the Tedds design data as well as the results are embedded in the Tekla Structural Designer model for each designed member. This enables looping of analysis and checking/ design to accommodate model changes, such as to loading.

    • The resulting design Pass/Fail status and utilization ratios (UR’s) from Tedds can be checked in the Review View and via the member Tooltip in the usual manner just as for design of in-situ concrete members within Tekla Structural Designer. When using Design Groups, the engineer can review the UR’s of members and their automatic grouping and make changes to this as required.

    • After the design is complete and the Tedds data has been written to the model, the following additional options will be listed in the member context menu Tedds options; “Check using Tekla Tedds”, “Clear Tekla Tedds Data”, and “Export to Tekla Tedds” (see below for more on these options).

    • If required, the section size can also be changed in the Tedds calculation and the model will automatically be updated with this change (for all members in the Design Group where these are enabled). In this case, the analysis can then be re-run and all members of the group checked using Tekla Tedds to update the design fully.

  • When Design Groups for concrete members are enabled, Tedds design for Design Groups of precast beams and/or columns is also available from the Project Workspace > Groups Window. Design groups for precast concrete beams and columns are automatically created and populated just as for in-situ concrete members. Group checking/design is run by moving the cursor over a group to select it, then right-clicking and selecting the desired option from the context menu. As for design of individual members from the model, where the group has been previously designed and embedded Tedds Data exists, a “Check using Tekla Tedds” option will be listed as well as “Design using Tekla Tedds”.

  • The “Check…” option will run the Tedds Calculation ‘silently’ for all members and update the results to the model which can then be reviewed as described above.

  • The “Design...” options (either for Group or Member) automatically open the calculation interface as described above, allowing the engineer to review and change the design data if required. On finish, all members in the group are then checked for the revised input without further display of the calculation interface.

  • Where the group has been previously designed, a “Clear Tekla Tedds Data” option is also listed allowing the engineer to begin the design from scratch if they wish.

  • For Reporting of the design, the engineer selects the “Export to Tekla Tedds” option which will open the Tedds application and create a Tedds Project containing calculation documents for the designed precast member.

    • This option is available for;

      • An individual Member in the model (Design Groups disabled).

      • A single Group (via right-click over a Group in the Groups Window or a member of the model).

      • All Beam or Column Groups together (via right-click over the Concrete Precast Beam/ Column Parent Group).

      • The entire model via right-click over the “Design” Parent Group for Precast Beams/Columns in the Groups Window.

      • A graphical Selection of part of or the entire model.

    • With Design Groups enabled, this will create a Tedds Project containing one calculation document* (.ted file) for each group included in the selection.

    • When Design Groups are disabled, the model member context menu export option will change to “Member” and will create a Project and calculation document for the selected member*.

      • *In the case of continuous multi-stack/span columns and beams there will be a calculation document for each stack/span of the member.

  • For the scenario of re-checking multiple existing Tedds designs after changes to the model - made either via the Tedds calculation dialog e.g. for change of section size, or directly in the model e.g. for changes to loading - the analysis results can be updated via Analyze All (Static), then all the designed precast members in the model checked in a single operation using the Design Ribbon’s new “Check in Tedds” command.

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