Wind Wizard for Indian Head Code Updated to IS 875 (Part 3) : 2015

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Wind Wizard for Indian Head Code Updated to IS 875 (Part 3) : 2015

Following popular requests, in Tekla Structural Designer 2020 the Wind Wizard for the Indian Head Code has been fully revised and updated to the new IS 875 (Part 3) : 2015 (incorporating amdt. no.1 April, 2016).

  • The new 2015 code year option is selected in the Design Codes > Action Codes settings as shown in the picture above.

  • With this selected the Wind Wizard determined pressures are calculated considering all the relevant and newly introduced design factors of the 2015 code version.

  • The update allows cyclonic design effects to be considered for structures situated on the Indian east and west coasts (Gujarat coastal region).

  • Key aspects of the Wind code update are:

    • Classification of building class (A, B and C) based on structure’s greatest horizontal or vertical dimension (exposed to wind) as per Cl. (of IS 875 (Part 3) - 1987 (reaff.2003) has been omitted in the new code.

    • A new importance factor for cyclonic region k4 (Clause 6.3.4) is introduced for the wind pressure determination.

    • For the design wind pressure determination the following new factors are introduced:

      • Kd - wind directionality factor (Clause 7.2.1)

      • Ka - area averaging factor (Clause 7.2.2)

      • Kc - combination factor (Clause

    • Design wind speed is now (Vz) = Vb x k1 x k2 x k3 x k4; wind pressure pz = 0.6 x Vz2 and design wind pressure (Pd) = Kd x Ka x Kc x pz

    • Certain values in the table for pressure coefficient, figures for factors associated with cliff and escarpment and ridge and hill topography have been updated.

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