Steel Design - New Fire Resistance Check to Eurocode EN 1993-1-2, Cl 4.2.4 - All NA’s

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Steel Design - New Fire Resistance Check to Eurocode EN 1993-1-2, Cl 4.2.4 - All NA’s

A new simple to use Steel Fire Resistance design check is added in the Tekla Structural Designer 2020 release in accordance with EN 1993 & the National Annex for; the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, Finland or the recommended Eurocode values. The check is carried out in the temperature domain by using the critical temperature method per EN 1993-1-2, Cl 4.2.4. Detailed, transparent and comprehensive design details are reported, including the Temperature-Time relationship graph per EN 1991-1-2 Cl.3.1 (10) as shown below.

  • The design calculation checks the mechanical resistance of a single steel member in case of fire for a required time of exposure which is set by the engineer in the check properties.

  • The Fire check parameters can be set in the member dialog for a single member and are also listed in the Properties Windows, as shown in the picture below.

    • There is an additional setting in Design > Settings > Fire check for the time interval for critical temperature iteration.

  • The steel member may be unprotected (bare steel) or protected and may be exposed on 3 (under a slab) or 4 sides.

    • Specified protection can be Contour or Hollow encasement for which the engineer then specifies the; thickness, thermal conductivity, specific heat and density.

  • The design scope is as follows:

    • Beam characteristic (Non-composite) with fabrication type of Rolled

    • Single span, pin-ended and restrained beam members subjected to Major axis bending only.

    • The check is applied only to gravity combinations and is a check only - i.e. is not considered as an Auto Design criteria.

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