Improved Selection & Editing and Level Creation at a Point

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer
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Improved Selection & Editing and Level Creation at a Point

These ease of use enhancements are made in Tekla Structural Designer 2020 to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of modeling.

Selection and Editing

  • Selected objects are now highlighted in two colours identifying which are Active (type selected in property grid) and Remaining. This helps clarify the case where a single span/stack of a member is the active selection.

  • Additionally, the Tooltip and member selection defaults to objects of the Active type first, making it much easier to focus work on a given object type.

Level Creation at a point

A construction point can now be selected and a level created at its elevation. This is particularly useful for example for creating a level at the apex of a Portal Frame or at a point along an inclined plane. This enhancement adds the following information and capabilities:

  • Construction Points can now be selected, including Free points (note that “points” must be active in scene content).

  • The following information is displayed in the cursor Tooltip for the selected point:

    • The associated plane.

    • The Global coordinates of the point (to the precision set in Home > Model Settings > Units).

  • When you right click on a point the context menu now includes the option to “Create Level” for the point elevation (if no level exists).

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