Connection Resistance Check - Significantly Enhanced with new database of Standard Simple Connections

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Connection Resistance Check - Significantly Enhanced with new database of Standard Simple Connections


The Connection Resistance check is a quick and simple way of checking the capacity of Simple Connections in beams (major axis shear) and braces (axial compression or tension). It is a long standing feature which was enhanced in release 2018i to allow definition of any number of connection types and resistances. For the Tekla Structural Designer 2020  release it has been completely overhauled and significantly enhanced, improving the ability for engineers to identify, early in the design process, potential issues with forming standard simple connections.

Details of the enhancements are:

  • Pre-defined Resistances database - the existing functionality is retained, but now includes a large in-built database of pre-defined resistances for the Eurocode and US Head Codes in new viewer format which includes significantly more detail about the connection configuration.

  • New Connection Resistance dialog - as shown in the pictures below, the new viewer now separates Beams and Braces and has multiple new controls to define the configuration of the connection in terms of; Steel Grade, Number of Notches, Bolt Lines and Rows and, for the US Code, plate thickness and bolt sizes.

    • The engineer can now also control the connection types and individual resistances to be considered by the check using the ‘Active’ checkbox in the Resistances Table. Multiple rows can be selected and Inactivated/Activated simultaneously in the usual manner.

      • Additionally a number of criteria can be set to automatically filter the active list using the Activate/Deactivate... dialog (see picture below)

    • New Connection Types and Resistances can also be added.

    • Existing resistances defined in previous releases will be imported. However further action is required for these - please see the Install the upgrade section for what to do.

  • Enhanced Check - as well as the new database of pre-defined resistances and additional connection details, the check itself has also been enhanced and refined:

    • Now both (pin) ends of the beam are checked, with the gravity shear now reported as a positive value for the Rh end of beam

    • Optimisation - the check now loops through active Bolt Lines & Rows and reports first passing and last failing resistance (applies to both pre and user-defined resistances)

    • A warning is now issued where uplift occurs (since the connection resistance is not checked for this condition)

  • Report - a new “Connection Resistance” report is added to the list of available default reports which contains all the available Connection Resistance report items (Beams and Braces for both Steel and Cold Formed).

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