New Beam End Partial Fixity

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New Beam End Partial Fixity

In Tekla Structural Designer 2020 a new partial fixity option is added for beam end fixity. This will be especially useful for example when modelling precast concrete structures in which it is common to to consider some amount of end fixity, but not full end fixity (which is commonly assumed for in-situ concrete buildings).

See this video demonstrating partial fixity in action.

The new end fixity settings are available for review and edit both in the individual member dialog and the Properties Window for selected beam(s) as shown in the picture below.

  • To apply the new end fixity setting, first set the end Fixity to “Fully fixed” to enable the new fixity options of “Spring linear” and “Partially fixed”.

    • For “Spring linear” a value of stiffness in moment/rad is directly entered.

    • For “Partially fixed” a % value is entered. Note that this is the % of the member flexural stiffness of 4EI/L (not of full fixity), the value of which is automatically calculated and applied in the analysis model.

End fixity settings can also be applied and verified efficiently via Review View > Show/Alter State, using the new Rotational Stiffness Attribute.

  • Use Set mode to rapidly apply or edit the % Partial fixity and Rotational stiffness values.

  • Use Review mode, to display the values in an automatic color-coded range as shown below.

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