Concrete member design workflow

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Concrete member design workflow

The following example illustrates the typical process to analyze and design all the beams, columns and walls in a concrete structure.

Set up pattern loading

By default, only beam loads, and slab loads that have been decomposed on to beams, are patterned. Loads applied to slabs should be manually patterned using engineering judgement; this is achieved on a per panel basis for each pattern load by toggling the loading status via Update Load Patterns on the Load ribbon.

Set all beams columns and walls into autodesign mode

For the first pass, in order to get an efficient design at the outset, it is suggested that you set all members to "autodesign" with the option to select bars starting from Minima.

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Concrete member autodesign

Review beam and column design groups

Provided that the concrete beam and column options are checked in Design Settings > Design Groups, the design groups shown in the Groups tab of the Project Workspace will be applied in the beam and column autodesign processes.

Groups will initially have been established for members sharing the same geometry, but you should consider reviewing and amending them if required.

Review beam, column and wall design parameters and reinforcement settings

The member design parameters and reinforcement settings should be carefully considered prior to running the design.

Perform the concrete design

By running Design Concrete (Static) from the Design ribbon, you effectively combine analysis and design (with the exception of slab design) into a single automated process.

Up to three separate analyses are automatically performed in order to generate the design forces required for the concrete beam, column, and wall design:

  • 3D Analysis
  • Grillage chasedown analysis
  • FE chasedown analysis

The sets of forces established from the FE chasedown analysis are considered by default for the design of each concrete member type. They can however be switched off should you decide that they are not required. The control for doing this for beams is located in Design Settings > Concrete > Beam > General Parameters. A similar control is provided for columns and walls also.

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