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Filters in Tekla Powerfab

Filters help you to find the data that you need for your daily tasks.

You have multiple options to narrow down the data that you want to view or manage.

Navigation tree

The selection and input dialog boxes have a navigation tree that contains contextual filters. They allow you to filter information shown in the display area.

You can expand nodes in the tree by clicking >. When you select any of the nodes, only the relevant items are listed in the display area.

Show open jobs

In the selection dialog box in the Combining, Estimating, Project Management, and Production Control modules, you can also select to show only open jobs, and in the Purchasing module only the purchase orders that are not finalized.

Set filters

In most of the modules, you have a selection of filters available when selecting Filter on the ribbon tab.

There may be slight differences in the procedure between the modules. For details, see the module-specific instructions.

  1. In the module, open a job, inventory, or purchase order.
  2. Click the associated ribbon tab and on the menu select Filter.

    The Filters dialog box opens.

  3. To include only specific types of items, select a filter type in the Type list, and click Select.

    The Filter dialog box opens.

  4. Do one of the following depending on the filter type:
    • Click the arrow buttons to move the items that you want to include in the report to the Included list.
    • Type the maximum and minimum values for the items that you want to include.
  5. Click OK.

    You return to the Filters dialog box. The selected filter is highlighted.

    You can set multiple filters. You can clear the filters by clicking Reset.

  6. Click Apply Filter or Apply Filter & Save.

You return to the previous dialog box where the display area has been updated to only show the desired items.

You see the Filters and Filter dialog boxes also when running reports, where you can define the report criteria before you generate them.

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