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Tekla PowerFab user interface

The main elements of the Tekla PowerFab user interface comprise the ribbon tab with its drop-down menus, icons for each module, and active drop-down menus for each module.

At the very top, there are four ribbon tabs, File, Maintenance, About, and Windows, which can be used to access certain features and options.

  • The File ribbon tab is mainly used for administrative tasks, except for Import.
  • The Maintenance ribbon tab is used mostly for configuration, both for individual modules and global settings.
  • The About ribbon tab provides information on the current version of Tekla PowerFab, contact details, access to the Tekla PowerFab release notes, and Tekla PowerFab support.
  • The Windows ribbon tab lists all the windows that you currently have open. This is helpful when you have multiple windows open simultaneously, and you want to bring a certain window to the front.

Across the top there are icons for each of the major modules. Clicking an icon launches a particular module.

In most cases, this opens a selection table for selecting, for instance, the desired estimate, job, or purchase order. When you double-click a row, this opens the module main window. An exception to this is Inventory, which opens the main inventory window.

If you do not have the rights to access a module, the module icon appears gray and cannot be selected.

In any module, when you click to open a job, the main window opens. All modules have a consistent layout on the main window.

(1) Navigation tree: Allows quick filtering of information shown on the display area

(2) Display area

(3) Input area: Allow entering information manually

(4) Summary grid: Displays information for an item, selected item, filtered items, and for the total job

The individual name of each window is displayed in the top left hand corner, and all windows can be closed, minimized, and restored from the top right hand corner.

A fifth ribbon tab appears when you open any window for a module. This ribbon tab provides contextual features and options based on the selected window. Below is an example of an active Estimating ribbon tab and drop-down menu.

You can resize all windows by placing the mouse cursor on the edge of the window and dragging in the desired direction.

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