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Cut list prioritization

The cut list prioritization project allows production managers to review and prioritize the outstanding cut lists across all jobs. Not only does this assist in the planning of production but it also provides visibility to the machine operators as to what they should be working on.

The vast majority of steel fabricators work on multiple jobs simultaneously in the workshop, but currently, users are restricted to seeing the cut lists for a single job at a time. The new cut list prioritization functionality allows the production manager and machine operators to view a list of outstanding cut lists for all jobs.

Each cut list can be assigned to a group of machines and, optionally, an individual machine to create a backlog of work. Production managers can also assign a priority value to each cut list on a backlog, which, alongside the existing cut list Date Required field, defines the order in which the cut lists should be processed for a given machine group or individual machine. This provides shop supervisors, machine operators, and other shop floor workers with a single, clear priority list at the start of every shift, removing the need for manual communication and significantly reducing the risk of error or misunderstanding.

Create workshops, machine groups, and machines

You can now define a set of workshop locations. These allow the user to assign and track where work is being completed and also make it easier for the workers on the production shop floor to know what they should be working on.

You first need to create workshops in Maintenance > Production Control > Workshop Maintenance.

You can also add machines and machine groups in the workshop so they can be assigned to new or existing cut lists.

Machine Groups is used to associate similar machines together for instance by type or operation such as Saws, Shears, and Plasma.

You can create machine groups in Maintenance > Production Control > Workshop Maintenance.

Machines are defined by what is used in the workshop and then associated to a machine group (optional).

Assign workshops, machine groups, machines, and priority to a cut list

When you have defined Workshops, Machine Groups, and Machines, you can select them when creating a cut list. You can also define the priority for the cut list and type any notes for additional information.

If you select the Workshop first, it restricts the list of machines that are assigned to that workshop and the machine groups relevant to those machines. You can start by selecting a machine or machine group first.

If you select a machine group first, only machines that belong to the selected machine group are available to be selected. If you select a machine first, the relevant workshop and machine group fields are populated automatically.

You can customize the Cut Lists dialog box to show the prioritization properties.

After setting the workshop and priority settings, you can also modify them in the Cut List Properties dialog box.

For more information, see the following:

Cut List Management in Dashboards

A new dashboard option, Cut List Management, is available in the Select Production Control Job dialog box as a quick alternative to view and prioritize cut lists by individual or by all active jobs that have cut lists in progress.

You can now also launch the cut list management dashboard directly from the Cut Lists dialog box by clicking Prioritize. This also allows you to view and modify the properties of the active cuts lists for the selected production control job.

When you click the cut list name in the Description column, a dialog box opens for viewing and modifying the cut list properties and processing the cut list.

For more information, see the following:

For instructions on managing the information in Tekla PowerFab Go, see View cut lists and process items.

Cut list reports

The Cut List reports have also been updated to include the new fields.

See Cut list reports.

Cut list prioritization in Tekla PowerFab Go

Tekla PowerFab Go has a new cut list interface that allows you to view and prioritize outstanding cut lists across all jobs.

You can view this cut list information in Tekla PowerFab Go and update it if you have the appropriate rights.

To ensure that a user can update Date Required, Description, Notes, Workshop, Machine, and Priority, go to File > Administration in the Tekla PowerFab desktop application and modify the permissions for Cut Lists.

In Tekla PowerFab Go, you can now access cut lists using the updated menu and home page.

The cut list filters in Tekla PowerFab Go have also been updated to include the new values.

In the updated cut list view, cut lists are listed in the order of priority with Date required being the primary value for sorting. The priority symbol is shown in the left-most column.

You can customize the view by clicking the settings icon .

Selecting the rightmost checkbox displays the column in the view and selecting the leftmost checkbox adds a color to the column.

Users with the appropriate rights defined in Tekla PowerFab desktop application can see the edit button on the right and can modify the values in the cut list properties

For more information, see the following:

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