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Receive subcontract items

You can mark subcontract items as received and keep the purchasing records up to date for accurate job costing. This does not have an impact on the inventory. You can also unreceive subcontract purchase order lines.

Use the Receive command to select the items that you want to receive or the Receive Displayed command to receive all items currently displayed in the PO # dialog box.

  1. In the main window, click Purchasing to open the module.

    The Select Requisition/Purchase Order dialog box opens.

  2. Go to the Purchase Orders tab.
  3. Select the purchase order that you want to change and double-click to open it.

    The PO # dialog box opens.

  4. Go the Subcontract Items tab.
  5. In the upper-left corner of the PO # dialog box, ensure that you are in the receive mode.

    If not, click the Receive Mode button to activate the receive mode.

  6. Click Receive or Receive Displayed.

    The Invoice Details dialog box opens.

  7. Define the properties.
    Option Description
    Invoice No Type the invoice number.
    Description Copied from the Description field in the PO # dialog box.
    Receive By Select if you want to receive a specific value, quantity, or percentage of the items.
    Received to Date Indicates the value, quantity, or percentage of items received by the current date.
    Receive/Receive Qty/Receive % Indicates the value, quantity, or percentage of items received.
    Receiving Notes Additional comments to communicate anything relevant related to receiving purchase order items to the rest of the team.
  8. To attach documents, click Add Document.

    For instructions on adding documents, see Add document references.

  9. To receive the items, click Receive.

The selected items are marked as received.

Note: You cannot finalize subcontract items once they have been received, because they are not added to inventory.

Unreceive subcontract items

You can revert items back to the outstanding state if you have accidentally marked them as received or have entered wrong information for them.

  • Only items that have been marked as received can be unreceived. You can unreceive only one item at a time.
  1. In the PO # dialog box, go to the Subcontract Items tab.
  2. Select the item that you want to unreceive.
  3. On the Purchase Order ribbon tab, select Un-Receive.

    The Un-Receive dialog box opens.

  4. Type the quantity of items that you want to unreceive.
  5. Click Un-Receive.

    You return to the PO # dialog box.

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