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BCF Topics

BCF Topics are notes that are added to the linked Trimble Connect project. You can open a Trimble Connect model with direct access to the BCF Topics side panel in Trimble Connect directly from a project management job in Tekla PowerFab. You can also run reports to provide further information on the Topics.

You can use BCF Topics to communicate between different BIM applications, such as Tekla Structures, Tekla PowerFab, and Trimble Connect, as well as other 3rd party applications.

For more information on BCF Topics, see the following:

Before you start, ensure the following;
  • The Tekla PowerFab project is linked to the corresponding Trimble Connect project. See Link a project to Trimble Connect.
  • The Trimble Connect user has a Trimble Identity and an email address, and is a project member. The same Trimble Identity and email address is associated to a Tekla PowerFab user account. You can check this in File > Administration.
  • BCF Topics is synced with Tekla PowerFab. For an automated event, see Create an automated Trimble Connect synchronization event. You can sync Tekla PowerFab and Trimble Connect manually by selecting Sync BCF Topics on the Project Management ribbon tab.

You can only view BCF Topic information in Tekla PowerFab. It is not possible to modify the Trimble Connect project in Tekla PowerFab.

View BCF Topics summary

In the Project dialog box, go to the Summary tab.

Total, Own: BCF Topics created, open, and assigned to the logged-in user

Total, All: BCF Topics created, open, and assigned to users in Tekla PowerFab

Outstanding: Open BCF Topics that are not overdue

Overdue: BCF Topics that exceed the due date

Closed: BCF Topics that have a status of Done or Closed

Access BCF Topics

In the Project dialog box, click BCF Topics.

The browser version of Trimble Connect opens, and you can select Topics on the side panel.

You can filter, sort, and search existing topics and add new ones using the buttons.

When you open an existing topic, you can also modify, comment and export it, and add reference files to it.

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