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View cut list history

You can view a summary of cut list history in the Cut List History dialog box.

  1. To access the Cut List History dialog box, do either of the following:
    • To view the cut list history of multiple jobs, go to Maintenance > Production Control > Cut List History.
    • To view the cut list history of one job, in the Production Control module, access the Cut Lists dialog box and on the Cut List ribbon tab, select Cut List History. See Access Cut Lists dialog box.

    The Cut List History dialog box opens.

  2. Select the desired filters.

    You can filter by Workshop, Machine Group, Machine, and a range of cut dates.

  3. Select the properties for the summary in the Summarize By area.

    You must select at least one option to display the history. Your selections are saved and show as the default next time you open the Cut List History dialog box.

    The selections affect the columns visible in the display area and the nodes in the navigation tree.

  4. Click Load History.

    The cut list history appears filtered by the selected values.

    Date: Cut list date (completed)

    Hours: Part hours. Applies only to pieces that have piece tracking or manual time recorded upon cutting

    Qty: Bar quantity

    Part Qty: Part quantity

    Weight: Piece weight

    The values in the lower-left part of the display area are totals.

You can export the summary to Microsoft Excel or a text file by right-clicking the display area and selecting Export to Excel.

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