Export a production control job to PFXT

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Export a production control job to PFXT

You can save the current production control job as a PFXT file.

  1. In the Select Production Control Job dialog box, open a job and click the Production Control ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Export > Export to PFXT.

    The Production Control Filters dialog box opens.

  3. To include only specific types of items, do the following (Optional):
    1. Select a filter type in the Type list, and click Select.

      The Filter dialog box opens.

    2. Do one of the following depending on the filter type:
      • Click the arrow buttons to move the items that you want to include in the report to the Included list.
      • Type the maximum and minimum values for the items that you want to include.
    3. Click OK.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Export

    The Export Job dialog box opens.

  6. Select the items that you want to export.
  7. Click Export
  8. In the Save As dialog box, browse to the folder where you want to save the file.

    By default, Tekla PowerFab saves the file to the Export folder.

  9. If necessary, change the file name.
  10. Click Save.

The file is saved to the selected location as a PFXT file.

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