Add subcontract items to a purchase order from a load

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Add subcontract items to a purchase order from a load

You can add subcontract line items to a purchase order automatically from a load. This makes creating subcontract orders, for example, for subfabrication, surface treatment, and freight much easier and removes the need for duplication.

  1. In the Loads dialog box, select a load.
  2. Click Load Properties.

    The Load Properties dialog box opens.

  3. Click Add to Purchase Order.

    The Select Purchase Order dialog box opens.

  4. Select a purchase order and click OK.

    You can also create a new purchase order.

    The Add to Subcontract Purchase Order Options dialog box opens.

  5. Define the properties.

    One Summary Line: A single line displayed on the purchase order that represents the entire load

    One line for each assembly / part: A multiline entry on the purchase order that includes complete assembly information from the load

    Description: Type any additional information. It will be populated on the purchase order line.

  6. Click OK.

    The subcontract items are included in the selected purchase order.

    For information on receiving subcontract items, see Receive subcontract items.

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