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Add companies to the address book

You can add new companies to the address book and define their properties.

Define the general settings

  1. Go to Maintenance > Address Book.

    The Address Book dialog box opens and the Address Book ribbon tab appears.

  2. At the lower-left corner of the Address Book dialog box, click New.
    The Firm Details dialog box opens on the General tab.
  3. Define the general properties.
    Option Description
    Firm Type Select the firm type in the list.

    Firm types help Tekla PowerFab to sort the list of companies in the address book. For more information, see View firm types.

    You can add more than one firm type for a company. For example, a steel detailer can be added as both a detailer for project management and as a supplier for purchase orders.

    Is Subcontractor Select if the firm is a subcontractor.

    Selecting this option adds Default Cost Code and Default Cost Type to the tab.

    Name Type a name for the company.
    Code Type a code for the company.

    The company code can be any value. For example, you can use the accounting code of the company.

    Note: You cannot use the same company code for two companies that have the same firm type.

    Primary Currency Select a primary currency type for the company.

    See also Manage currencies.

    Default Cost Code and Default Cost Type Visible when Is Subcontractor is selected. Select the cost code and cost type. See Cost maintenance.
    Notes You can add any additional notes regarding the company.

Go to the Addresses tab.

Define a new address

  1. Open the Addresses tab.
  2. Click New Address.
  3. Type a description for the address and enter other necessary contact information.

    Sometimes, it might be useful to have multiple addresses for a client. For example, if a client has different production control jobs, they can have multiple jobsite addresses that you should ship materials to. In these situations, you can use the jobsite names or job numbers as the descriptions of the jobsite addresses.

  4. Select one of the available checkboxes to define if the address is a shipping or mailing address.
  5. Select the Active checkbox.

    If you do not select the Active checkbox, the address will not be available for use anywhere in Tekla PowerFab.

  6. Click Save Address.

Go to the Contacts tab.

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