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Nest plates with Shop Data Systems

Integrating Tekla PowerFab to Shop Data Systems eliminates manual double-entry of parts and stock in Tekla PowerFab that are to be nested by Shop Data Systems.

Note: To acquire the extension, contact Shop Data Systems.

1. Enable the extension directory

  1. Go to File > Administration.
  2. On the menu, select Settings.

    The Administration - Settings dialog box opens.

  3. Click the Administration ribbon tab.
  4. On the General tab, select Enable Extension Directory
For more information, see Define Tekla PowerFab administration settings.

2. Assign a directory for extensions

  1. Go to File > Default Directories
  2. In Extension, define the default folder for extensions.

For more information, see Default directories.

3. Add the SDSNestingInterface.dll file to the extension directory

Save the SDSNestingInterface.dll file provided by Shop Data Systems to the Extension directory.

4. Define integration settings

You need to modify the integration settings if you are moving from the integration used before Tekla PowerFab release 2023 SP5 to Extension. The Shop Data Systems settings are no longer used.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Integration Settings > Shop Data Systems.

    The Shop Data Settings dialog box opens.

  2. Ensure that Enable Shop Data Systems for Plate Nesting is not selected.

5. Use the Extension

  1. Do either of the following for any module that supports combining:
    • Set Extension as the default in Maintenance:
      1. Go to Maintenance > <Module> > Company Standards.

        The <Module> Company Standards dialog box opens.

      2. Click Combining Optimizations.

        The Combining Setup dialog box opens.

    • Set Extension in the module where you are combining:
      1. Click Combine > Nest > Optimizations.

        The Combining Run Filters dialog box opens.

      2. Click Optimizations.

        The Combining Setup dialog box opens.

  2. On the Plate Nesting Settings tab, in Plate Nesting Software, select Extension.

When exporting the combining nest request, External SDS Nesting is available on the Combining Run ribbon tab menu for Export Parts for Nesting.

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