Receive inventory items in Tekla PowerFab Go

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Receive inventory items in Tekla PowerFab Go

In Tekla PowerFab Go, you can receive items either one by one or in batches.This helps to keep the inventory records accurate.

  1. On the home page, tap Inventory.

    The Inventory options appear.

  2. Tap Receive.

    The Filter view opens.

  3. To narrow down the selection of material items, set the filtering criteria.
  4. To close the filter view, tap .

    The inventory view is updated.

  5. Select the material item that you want to receive.

    You can select multiple items.

  6. Type or select the quantity (1) for each item.
  7. Define the properties as needed.
  8. Tap Receive (2).

    The Receive dialog box opens.

  9. To edit the information for all items, tap Batch edit.
  10. Tap Receive.

    The material items you defined are received.

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