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Recombine all items

If the combining results need to be changed to fit specific material applications, such as different material lengths or plate sizes, you need to recombine items. The Recombine All command recombines all items in the previous combining run.

  1. In the Combining Run Results dialog box, click the Combining Run ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Recombine All.
  3. In the first confirmation dialog box, click Yes to recombine all items.
  4. In the second confirmation dialog box, click Yes to save the previous combining run or No to recombine materials without saving the combining run.
    Tip: You can save the combining run to view it later and compare it with another combining run. To do so, click Save Combining Run at the bottom of the Combining Run Results dialog box. No cut lists are generated when you save the combining run.

    To view the results, open the Select Combining Run dialog box by clicking the Combining/Estimating/Production Control ribbon tab and selecting Combine.

Tekla PowerFab performs the combining run and reloads the information that you selected. The materials recombine to the lengths changed in Run-Specific Pricing Maintenance.

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