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Customize reports

Reports are template files that are used to display the filtered information from the Tekla PowerFab database. You can customize not only the reports themselves, but also the reports that individual users see.

You can add a customized report to Tekla PowerFab by selecting an existing report that you want to use as the basis of the new report and adding a new template file name in Tekla PowerFab. You can also edit existing reports.

Adding a user-defined report for customizing ensures future access to the default reports in the program. Copying the report file to the Custom Report directory replaces the existing report within the program instead of adding a new report.

Tekla PowerFab automatically looks for the template first in the Custom Report folder set in the Default Directories dialog box, and after that, in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Tekla PowerFab\Reports folder.

You can create either Crystal or Stimulsoft reports. Information on the editor can be found on the report types website. For more information, see:

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