Use customized extensions for combining

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Use customized extensions for combining

You can create your own extensions that send multing and nesting requests from Tekla PowerFab to other software. This way, using external multing or nesting software becomes smoother.


Before you can use extensions with Tekla PowerFab, users with administrator rights need to enable using extensions in the Administration - Settings dialog box. For more information, see Define Tekla PowerFab administration settings.

Add and save an extension

  1. Create the extension with a suitable tool.

    For example, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Remember to create the necessary error messages if something goes wrong when you use or test the extension.

  2. To check where the extension needs to be saved, click the File ribbon tab in the upper-left corner of the Tekla PowerFab window.
  3. On the File menu, select Default Directories.

  4. Save your extension to the default folder for extensions.

Export materials for combining

To test and use your extensions:

  1. Open a job and click the contextual ribbon tab.

    For example, in an open production control job, click the Production Control tab.

  2. On the menu, select Combine.
  3. Select a combining command: Mult, Nest, or Mult & Nest.
  4. Set the combining filters according to your needs.
  5. Click Optimizations.
  6. In the Combining Setup dialog box, set Multing Software or Plate Nesting Software to Other.
  7. Combine the necessary items.
  8. Click the Combining Run ribbon tab.
  9. In the menu, go to Export Parts for Nesting and select your extension.
  10. In the Export Parts for Combining dialog box, adjust the settings according to your needs:
    • To include existing inventory materials in the export, select the Include available inventory checkbox.

    • To include inventory materials that are on order in the export, select the Include orderable inventory.

    • In the CNC files list, select how you want to include CNC files in the export.

  11. Click Send.
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