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Split shapes

You can split shapes to other shapes, particularly wideflange beams to wideflange tees.

Allow a shape to be split

  1. Go to Maintenance > Shapes/Grades/Sizes.

    The Shape/Grade/Size Maintenance dialog box opens.

  2. Click the Shape/Grade/Size Maintenance ribbon tab.
  3. On the menu, select Shape Maintenance.
  4. In the shape list of the Shape Maintenance dialog box, select a shape that you want to split.

    For example, select W Wideflange Beams to be split to WT Wideflange Tees.

  5. Ensure that the Allow Splitting checkbox is selected.

    The Allow Splitting option is available for all linear shapes.

  6. Click Save Shape and OK.

Create a split configuration

  1. Go to Maintenance > Shapes/Grades/Sizes
    The Shape/Grade/Size Maintenance dialog box opens.
  2. Select a shape, for example, the W shape.
  3. On the right, open the Splits tab.

    The Splits tab is available only for shapes that have the Allow Splitting option selected. See Allow a shape to be split.

    Most of the typical W shapes are already set to be split evenly to WT. If you select different dimensions, you can see under Description the WT sizes that the W shape has been configured to split to.

  4. To create additional split configurations, click Add.

    In the Split Configuration dialog box, create an Equal Split or an Unequal Split. You can add shapes from what is already in Shape/Grade/Size Maintenance, or add new sizes for the selected shape.

    Note that the Split Configuration dialog box allows any linear shape to be assigned and does not limit selection to only logical splits.

  5. Click Save.

Combining setup for split tees

In the Combining Setup dialog box for each module, under Mult Settings - Linear Material, there is an option Allow Split T’s.

  1. Open a module and open a job.
  2. In the ribbon tab, select Combine.
  3. Click Mult.
  4. Click Optimizations.
  5. Go to the Mult Settings - Linear Material tab.
  6. Select Allow Split T’s.
  7. Click Save.

Example: Combine WTs to W in a requisition

A requisition has several WT5x15s that need to be cut from W10x30s.
  1. Run a combine on the WTs.

    As a result you have close to 80’ of linear material.

  2. Switch to Manual Combine Mode.
  3. Add a 40’ W10x30.

    Note that the W10 is marked as Combined (C) even though it does not have any parts assigned to it yet.

  4. Right-click the W10x30 and select Split Selected.

    The Split Package dialog box shows the parts that are available to be split from the selected material.

    There are 2 tabs, one for each WT that is being split from the W.

  5. On the first tab, move parts from the Not Included column to the Included column and vice versa.

    Use the > button for a single item, the >> button for all items, or the Qty> button to move just the entered Quantity to Add: of the selected item.

    A red message will be displayed if you exceed the length of the selected material. When you are near the limit, changing Quantity to Add: to 1 and using the Qty> and Qty< buttons can help get the most out of the material.

    Parts to combine to Result 1:

    Parts to combine to Result 2:

  6. When the split package is ready, click Add to complete the combining.

  7. Click Split Details at the bottom right to view and modify the split package.

You can view the split details in Purchasing reports.
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