2023 SP2: New features, improvements, and important fixes

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2023 SP2: New features, improvements, and important fixes

The latest Tekla PowerFab 2023 service pack is available in Tekla Downloads.


Defect number Development area Description
EPM-7334 Installation

New server installations now include MySQL 5.7.41.

EPM-7097 Estimating

Estimating, Project Management, and Production Control reports now have the job status field available in the Stimulsoft Reports designer.

EPM-7559 Estimating

Previously, in Estimating, when updating the detailing or erecting labor rates, those entries could no longer be used for calculating those costs on the estimate summary reports, which resulted in incorrect totals. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7380 Production control

When completing a cut list item, you are no longer prompted with a warning message that the parts in the cutting detail are on hold if the parts have been excluded from being cut.

EPM-7440 Production control

Previously, in Production Control, an error occurred when you attempted to export a cut list to a DSTV+ file when the cut list had no remaining cutting details to complete. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7144 Administration

The report filters in Shape/Grade/Size Maintenance now contain the material group None.

EPM-7565 Purchasing

Previously, in Purchase Orders, when receiving material, if the selected mill of origin supplier had only a single available mill address, then the mill of origin was not saved on the received inventory record. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7481 Inventory

Previously, in Inventory, an error occurred when attempting to open any of the Location Sweep reports. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-2549 Order entry

In Order Entry, the tax rates shown in the order details dialog box now match the rates at the order creation time even if the rates have changed after the creation time.

EPM-7265 Integrations

The SDS/2 XML import now correctly excludes the drawing types that have been unchecked.

EPM-7378 Automated events

Previously, when performing a database restore, automated events could remain active on a test server. Now a prompt appears asking whether automated events should be disabled when the restore completes.

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